Friday, March 10, 2017

North Cobb Class Selections Are Available

The following is an important announcement regarding high school course selections for future North Cobb students only.  Allatoona students will be receiving their course selection information the week after spring break.

Through the Student Vue program students are able to see the initial computerized draft of their course selections for next year.  Please note the following reminders as you look at the information:

1.           This is an early draft generated by scanning the bar codes next to the courses the students selected.  Everything students are able to see is subject to change as the high school works through the steps to prepare the final drafts.  The only draft that matters is the one that will be sent home at the end of April for parents to sign.  Parents will be able to make changes at that point, including the core class recommendations.  The exact date that paperwork will be made available has yet to be determined. 

2.           The core class recommendations are made using guidelines established by the high school.  Teachers cannot change their recommendations.  However, the paper draft coming home in April will have a waiver section where parents can request changes to the core classes for next year.  While parents can waive a student into a higher level of a core subject, the high school representatives say in the majority of cases students end up regretting the change and become overwhelmed with the workload.  The guidelines have been tested over time and have proven to be the best predictor of student success.