Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Course Selections for Both High Schools Coming Home Today

Eighth grade students for both North Cobb and Allatoona received their high school course selections today.  Please note the following as you review the information.

The profiles list all of the classes students are registered for next year.  It is not a final schedule, just their course requests.  Electives may change from what is listed.  Once the high schools run their scheduler programs, if one (or more) of the electives will not fit in their schedule, or if that class is full, alternative electives will be selected in order to make the schedule work.

Some of the course requests have no courses listed for that student.  This is because the student is in the system, but they did not turn in any course requests.  If students plan on attending either of the high schools, they will need to get their course requests in ASAP so they will have a schedule.  Please see Dr. Deane if replacement copies of the forms are needed.

Due to a computer glitch it is possible some students are missing a core class.  Please double check selections to confirm a Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts listing.  If not, students should see their content area teacher to have that recommendation written in under the add section on the form.

The request profiles are for the students to keep for their records, unless they wish to make any changes.  If they want to change any of the courses listed, including core classes, they must fill out the Add/Drop section on the form.  They will not receive another copy of their requests, so they may want to photo copy their form before turning it back in to Dr. Deane.  Forms with changes are due back to Dr. Deane no later than the dates below.

North Cobb forms are due by Monday, April 17th.
Allatoona forms are due by Friday, April 21st.

All students will receive their final schedule the first day of school.

Students planning to attend a magnet program should simply write the name of the magnet program they plan to attend on the course selections form and return it to Dr. Deane.  This provides documentation to the regular high schools so they know to update their records.  Magnet students will make their course selections at a special registration event at each magnet school at a later date.

Please contact Dr. Deane at Christopher.deane@cobbk12.org if you have any questions.