Thursday, March 28, 2013

Camp MAGIK and Camp Erin

Camp MAGIK and Camp Erin – 2013 Spring Announcement 

--A Special Camp for Kids Age 7-17 Who Have Lost a Parent, Sibling or Other Close Loved One—
**April 26 - 28 Cartersville, Georgia   Deadline to apply April 17, 2013
**May 17 - 19 Hampton, Georgia    Deadline to apply May 8, 2013

 Camp MAGIK is pleased to announce its 2013 spring schedule of healing camps for children and teens. Camp MAGIK (Mainly About Grief In Kids) serves children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling or other close family member within the past three years.  Camp MAGIK will provide an opportunity for children and teens to meet, talk, and process their grief with professional grief counselors. Time will also be spent on play and fun as a way to help the children heal from the experience of death in the family. Activities may include archery, canoeing, a ropes course, nature hikes, treasure hunts, hay rides, campfires, story-telling, and a talent show. Each camp will be divided into two groups, one for ages 7 - 11, and one for ages 12 - 17. There will be two camp sessions held this spring at dates as noted above. Please pick the one session best suited to you and note this on your application form in the space provided. Application forms are available at
Camp MAGIK/Camp Erin sessions are FREE OF CHARGE for attending children.  Our Cartersville camp is sponsored by generous support from Heyman Hospice Care at Floyd and private and corporate donations. Camp Erin, our session in Hampton, is sponsored by The Moyer Foundation.
Applications need to be postmarked and sent to Camp MAGIK, 3377 Ridgewood Road, Atlanta, GA 30327 or faxed to the office at 404.355.6631 by the deadline dates. Due to the high demand for this camp, we cannot accept repeat campers.

Parents and guardians – There are three (3) options for parents/guardians:
·        We are offering a special Retreat for parents/guardians which will be held at the same time as the children’s camp (April 26-28; May 17-19).  The retreat will be facilitated by licensed counselors and will provide an opportunity for adults to process their own grief and be with others who have also had a significant loss through death.  Parents/guardians will stay on the same campus, but separate from their children.  Activities will include opportunities to relax, talk, provide and receive support, and learn more about grief and loss in a beautiful and peaceful setting.  Cost for the adult retreat (children are free) is $25.00 which includes room, meals and all activities. Space for this option is limited. Scholarships available.
  • For parents/guardians with more limited time, a special workshop will be held on Sunday April 28 and Sunday May 19 from 9:00am to 2:30pm. This program will help you understand more about your child’s grief and will suggest healthy ways for your whole family to manage and cope with your loss. Activities will include a classroom lecture, a cook-out, and small group discussion.  This option is free of charge.  All events except the cook-out are adults only.
  •  Parents/guardians who do not have the time to participate in any of the two options above can still have their children attend camp.  Drop your children off at the designated drop-off time on Friday and pick up at the designated pick-up time on Sunday.
Camp Locations:
·       The YCMA High Harbour camp is located in Cartersville, Georgia, approximately 40 minutes north of Atlanta. Free transportation to this camp is provided from Dalton, GA and Rome, GA.
·       The Calvin Center camp is located in Hampton, Georgia, approximately 30 minutes south of downtown Atlanta. Free transportation provided from Atlanta, GA.
Specific Camp MAGIK/Camp Erin details (directions, what to bring, etc.) will be mailed to all camp participants approximately 2 weeks before camp.  For questions, please call Rene Searles McClatchey at 404.790.0140 or email We hope to see you at Camp MAGIK/Erin!                          

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Understanding Playful Teasing vs. Hurtful Bullying

One of our Cobb County partners put together an excellent resource on the difference between playful teasing and hurtful bullying.  Click on the link below for more information.

Playful Teasing vs Hurtful Bullying link

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recommended Reading - Generation IY

This is one of the best books on understanding the current generation of students that's been written.  The following highlights are from the book description on

This landmark book paints a compelling-and sobering-picture of what could happen to our society if we don't change the way we relate to today's teens and young adults. Researched-based and solution-biased, it moves beyond sounding an alarm to outlining practical strategies to:

* Guide "stuck" adolescents and at-risk boys to productive adulthood
* Correct crippling parenting styles
* Repair damage from (unintentional) lies we've told kids
* Guide them toward real success instead of superficial "self-esteem"
* Adopt education strategies that engage (instead of bore) an "i" generation
* Pull youth out of their "digital" ghetto into the real world
* Employ their strengths and work with their weaknesses on the job
* Defuse a worldwide demographic time bomb
* Equip Generation iY to lead us into the future

Friday, March 15, 2013

Recommended Reading - Ignorance Is No Defense

Ignorance Is No Defense was used in classroom lessons in the fall.  It is practical reading that every parent of a teen would be wise to read.  The following is from the publisher's website:

Ignorance is No Defense is a practical, convenient guide for teenagers on laws in Georgia. Packed with useful – and sometimes surprising – information about laws and consequences for violating laws, this book will help teenagers make safe, informed choices. Ignorance is No Defense covers a wide range of important topics, including the following:
  • The Fundamentals
    Overview of crimes and punishment, rights of a teenager in searches and arrests, parties to a crime, prosecution of adults and juveniles, going to court
  • What's the Crime?
    • Drugs and Alcohol: underage drinking and adult liability, false IDs, marijuana and other illegal drugs, prescription drugs, DUI
    • Vehicles: vehicular homicide, reckless driving, racing, aggressive driving, hit and run, other driving violations
    • Sex Crimes: statutory rape, rape and other sex crimes with force, sex crimes against children
    • Harm to People: physical and mental abuse of children, assault and battery, robbery and armed robbery, murder and voluntary manslaughter, self-defense
    • Harm to Property: stealing, criminal trespass, vandalism, other acts of invading property
    • More Crimes: criminal street gang, weapons, public indecency, gambling
  • Extra Stuff
    Driving cars and boats, body piercing, tattooing, tobacco, loitering, and more

Monday, March 4, 2013

North Cobb Parent Night Rescheduled - updated

North Cobb High School rescheduled their Rising 9th Grade Parent Night to April 4th at 7 PM in the North Cobb theater.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Guiding Good Choices Parenting Program

Guiding Good Choices Parenting Program will be offered at Awtrey Middle School.  Classes will be Tuesdays, March 12th, 19th, and 26th from 6:00-7:30 PM. 

Workshops cover:
-        Developing clear family guidelines and expectations for behavior
-        Teaching children the skills they need to stay out of trouble while still having fun
-         Learning about the nature and extent of teenage drug use and how to prevent this within your own family
-        Managing family conflict in a way that maintains and strengthens bonds
-        Increasing children’s involvement with the family in the teen years

Advance registration is required.  To register, please contact Chris Deane at  The class is provided free of charge.  A minimum of 10 participants are required for the classes to be offered.