Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Learner's Permit and Worker's Permit Information

Click on the link below for a copy of the Certificate of Attendance required to obtain a Georgia Learner's Permit.  Students who turn 15 during the summer MUST provide them prior to May 23rd.  The school office will unable to process the forms during the summer months. Students should complete the top section of the form prior to bringing it to the Front Office.  The cost of notarizing the form is $2.00.

In order to be issued a Certificate of Attendance students must have met the following requirements.  These requirements were discussed during classroom guidance in August.  The student must be "Enrolled in and not under expulsion from a public or private school and has not had ten or more school days of unexcused absences in the current academic year or ten or more school days of unexcused absences in the previous academic year. This record also certifies that, for a period of one academic year prior to the date of this application, the above named student has not dropped out of school without graduating and remained out of school for ten consecutive school days or has not been found in violation by a hearing officer, panel, or tribunal of one of the following offenses, has not received a change in placement for committing one of the following offenses, or has not waived his or her right to a hearing and pleaded guilty to one of the following offenses: threatening, striking, or causing bodily harm to a teacher or other school personnel; possession or sale of drugs or alcohol on school property or at a school sponsored event; possession or use of a weapon on school property or at a school sponsored event; any sexual offense prohibited under Chapter 6 of Title 16; or causing substantial physical or visible bodily harm to or seriously disfiguring another person, including another student."


Also, during the summer many of our students will be seeking part-time jobs.  The first link connects to the Department of Labor page where you can read the guidelines connected to Child Labor.  The second link takes you to the forms page where you can print off the pages needed to obtain a permit.


Friday, May 10, 2013

High School Paperwork

All high school scheduling paperwork has been forwarded to the prospective high schools for processing.  The schools will begin the data entry and make the adjustments based on the changes requested by parents.  Over the summer a final schedule will be produced showing what classes will be when.  Final versions will be made available to students at Freshman orientation just before school starts in August.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hign School Class Selection Final Drafts Coming Home

North Cobb class selection final drafts were passed out in homeroom this morning.  Allatoona High School mailed their forms home earlier this week.  Here are the highlights parents need to know:
  • If the student isn't planning to attend North Cobb, please make a note on the paperwork and turn that back in so we can update the records.  For example, if the student is planning to attend a magnet program, just write "Attending _____ magnet program" then turn that back in.  The same is true if you know you are moving.  Please write, "Moving to _____" then return the form, that way we know where to forward records.  The same is true for Allatoona.
  • A schedule that just has “lunch” on it means there is a computer problem.  Those should have been caught when the pages were sorted but one might have slipped through.  If so, have the student come to the counseling office Monday morning. 
  • If parents want to make changes, write what they want dropped and what they want added in place then sign underneath.  It is clear on the paperwork once you see it.  That’s the waiver process mentioned previously.
  • If no changes are desired, simply sign and return the form as is.
  • Students on the Disney trip will receive their paperwork Monday in homeroom.
  • The high schools would like the materials signed and returned by May 8th.
  • Students should return them to homeroom teachers.