Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Calendar Updates on High School Electives

Dates are confirmed for the high schools to meet with students to discuss elective registration.  Details will be published closer to time.

Allatoona is coming on Tuesday, January 31st.

North Cobb is coming on Thursday, February 2nd.

7th Grade Anger Management Lessons

In classroom guidance this week 7th grade students are discussing anger management.  Students often brag they have “anger management issues” without understanding what this type of behavior says about them or their level of maturity.  The lesson focuses on exercising self-control even when they have a legitimate reason to be upset.

Students are given five principles for conflict management (see below) then apply those principles in age related case scenarios.

1. Remember anger is one letter short of danger.  People say or do things when they are angry they quickly regret.  Be careful with losing your temper so it doesn’t take you someplace you don’t want to go.

2.  Make sure you have all the information.  We get upset because we assume information we don’t have only to later realize we didn’t know all the facts.

3.  Find the real reason.  Most of the time when we get angry we think it’s because of one reason, but as we look closer we realize there was something deeper happening under the surface.

4.  Focus on the problem instead of the person.  No conflict situation ever improves when we make it personal

5.  Determine what the desired outcome is and what you want to happen.  Focus on finding a solution, not venting anger.

Monday, December 19, 2016

PSAT Score Reports Coming Home Today

Several excellent student and parent resources are available on the College Board website to help with understanding the PSAT score report, as well as aids on helping improve scores on future SAT related tests.  The link to the website is below.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

For Families in Need of Holiday Help

FoodFinderGA is a free smartphone app developed by a Georgia Public Schools graduate - it’s available on the Apple App Store or Google Play right now (search: foodfinder), or online at www.foodfinderga.org.

The app creates a 100% anonymous, direct connection between students & families who need food and their closest free food providers.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pebblebrook Presents Home for the Holidays

The Anderson Theatre/Cobb Civic Center presents


December 16, 17 at 8PM
December 18 at 3PM

Tickets are available now online:

This year’s show includes:
CCCEPA’s ComPAny 2017
CCCEPA’s Chamber Chorus
CCCEPA alumni Joseph Lattanzi, Jalise Wilson, Amanda Frothingham