Monday, October 22, 2018

Wheeler Magnet Program Open House Oct 25th

Wheeler High School Center for Advanced Studies in Science, Mathematics, and Technology
Lipscomb Gym, Wheeler High School
October 25th at 6:00 pm

Friday, October 19, 2018

Why We Do PBIS

I listened to an interview with Danny Meyer, who is a New York City restaurateur and the Chief Executive Officer of the Union Square Hospitality Group.  He opened his first location at age 27.  Meyer expanded the brand to include 20 high end restaurants across the city.  Doing that in New York City is no minor accomplishment.

What stood out was when they asked Meyer about climate and culture.  He said, “All of my locations hold what we call CDR as its highest value.”  CDR is caught doing right.  When they see people doing right they celebrate that and focus on the positive instead of the negative.  Meyer said, “You can give me two master chefs, and I can give them the same recipe.  One works in a positive environment where he enjoys the people he works with and enjoys being at work.  The other works in a negative environment where everything is criticized.  I promise you can taste the difference.”

Interesting food for thought.  That is exactly the underlying premise of PBIS and what we are hoping to accomplish with our students.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Career Cruising Parent Information

Throughout middle school, students participate in learning activities that identify their interests, skills, and related occupations to better prepare them for high school and post-secondary experiences. The Cobb County School District middle and high schools use a web-based program called Career Cruising for career exploration. Career Cruising ( provides numerous activities that students may complete during classroom lessons, advisement, small group meetings, or individual exploration. Below are the required activities your students will complete in middle school using Career Cruising:

Sixth Grade – Students will open an electronic portfolio in Career Cruising and complete a Learning Styles Inventory.

Seventh Grade – Students will complete Career Cruising Matchmaker which is an interactive survey that “matches” interests to various careers. They will be introduced to two career clusters that match their interests based on the results of the assessment, and save a third career cluster of their choice to their portfolio.

Eighth Grade - Students will take Career Cruising My Skills, which will measure how their skills line up with careers of interest. Students will also complete an Individualized Graduation Plan based on the data from previous Career Cruising activities. This plan will be used throughout high school to assist students and parents with course selection. The results from Matchmaker and My Skills can serve as the foundation of career and college exploration. Additionally, students will be notified about the Georgia Dual Enrollment program.

Even though your student’s interests will vary over time, the results of Matchmaker and My Skills can serve as the foundation of career and college exploration. Matchmaker may be taken numerous times, and the results can be saved for each completion.  As students move through the eighth grade, they will make numerous decisions about high school courses and career preparation. Prior to exiting eighth grade, your student will complete an Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP). This plan, required by the BRIDGE Act (House Bill 400), will be completed by your student with your input and the assistance of the school counselor and/or advisor. The plan will be based upon results of Career Cruising activities, academic performance, teacher recommendations, and student/parent requests along with other relevant information.

Even though middle school students are not expected to make commitments to specific courses at this point, they will benefit from exploring multiple options and making plans that include taking rigorous courses. The IGP will follow the student throughout high school and will tentatively map out the core subjects and courses of high interest. The IGP can always be revised based on student needs and changing interests.

Parents may access your student’s electronic portfolio in Career Cruising by using the log in and password information provided to the students (please see the label on the inside of the student agenda) or by contacting one of the school counselors to request a copy of the log in information.