Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Using Career Cruising Class Lesson

This week in 8th grade students are completing the final Career Cruising activity.  Last month students completed the career interest inventory and selected three careers they were interested in learning more about.  This week students selected one of the three to research using the following questions.


What career are you most interested in learning more about?

What 3 or more tasks do people in that career perform most regularly?


What type of training does the job require?

What schools offer that type of training?

How long is the training program?

What is the annual cost of attending the training program?


What do you like most about the working conditions?

What concerns do you have about the working conditions?

What 5 aspects of the career fit you?

What 3 aspects don’t fit you?

What is the salary range?

What factors influence the salary (cause it to increase or decrease)?

What is the starting salary?

Who do you know who can tell you more about this career?  What are 5 questions you should ask him/her?

What technology does the career require?

How will this career require you to work with others?


What core classes help prepare you for that career?

What high school elective classes will help prepare you for that career?